If you like movies, you will want to watch and watch movies for free at least once.

However, although there are many sites that distribute movies free of charge in Japan, none are illegal.Moreover, it is only dangerous sites such as infected with virus by clicking and infected with malicious advertisements.Also, there are not too many ways to make movie theater fee free.So, in this article I will introduce six concrete ways to see a movie legally and free. Please be assured that it is all legal.

If you subscribe to good places of video distribution service, you can easily see movies, dramas, animations and have the following benefits.

  • No deadline, late fee, out of stock
  • Tens of thousands of movies, dramas, and animations are visible to the public
  • Each service has a free trial period of about one month
  • By downloading to a smart-phone or tablet, you can enjoy movies on cafes and trains without worrying about speed limitation (some services)
  • It takes less than 3 minutes to register
  • Average monthly average about 1,000 yen even if you join
  • Although it will be a little Seiko story, if you can make good use of the free trial period of video distribution service, it is necessary for you to go to a rental video shop for half a year … …

If you would like to know more about the details and features of each service, please refer to the following article. Watch best movies at watch4hd

I would like to recommend to those who want to watch a movie for free for eternity, GYAO Video Delivery Service!With GYAO, Yahoo! It is a video site operated by JAPAN. Troublesome registration is unnecessary, if you download a special application, over 50,000 videos free of unrest for free.

There are disadvantages unique to free.In the movie, the number of foreign films is few, major works are Yahoo! I can hardly see unless I register as a premier member or charge.In short it means that major works can not be seen unless money is eventually paid. “I am looking for something that is unavoidably leisurely and killing time.” “Because it’s late night, I’m bored with going to a video shop but I would like to see a movie.” “I want to enjoy moving images with cramping without unnecessary registration”

There are point cards that you can watch movies for free by saving points in movie theaters such as TOHO Cinemas’ Cine Mileage Card and Movix ‘s SMT Members’ member. It is recommended for those who often visit the cinema as one point gathers for each viewing, and if you get 6 points, you can see the movie for free. There are various discount services in the cinema, with cheap 500 to 700 yen even if the movie becomes free , popcorn and dringing being free


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