Month: January 2020

Optimizing credit processes for the future

Competition in the lending business of banks and savings banks will increase. Speed ​​and efficiency become important success factors. Process design and digitization are important levers. Numerous trends and developments are of overriding strategic importance for banks and savings banks. In the Bank Blog you will find studies on the most important strategic trends and…

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Credit to borrow furniture.

If you have an apartment or a house, you have to fill it with furniture. Because without furniture it is not possible to live properly. When buying the furniture, attention should always be paid to quality, so that the joy of it can last a long time. But high-quality furniture comes at a price. Especially…

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To use a mortgage loan redemption simulator

The repurchase of credit is an increasingly common operation which allures the private individuals. It involves consolidating several loans to take advantage of falling rates and reduce monthly payments. When you buy back credit, you repay a single monthly payment on a new loan, over a longer period. This over-indebtedness avoids, and increases your purchasing…

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