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In today’s economic conditions, it is no longer possible to meet a vehicle, real estate or a need with pure income. Withdrawing credit for many expenses has become an imperative. Sometimes the credit we use is not enough and there is an obligation to buy a new one.

Failure to repay the borrowings puts most people under new debts. In this case, people who can borrow money are sought, and applications can be made to usurers when they are in a very difficult situation. If a new loan is needed under a loan debt payment, some banks may not allow a loan to be used again.

Credit applications of individuals

Credit applications of individuals

Are generally rejected because they are made unconsciously without the necessary conditions. However, it is possible to use a new loan while you are still paying a loan. The important thing here is to make your conditions suitable for taking credit. For example, if you did not delay the payments and prepare the amount of money to be used and your documents properly, you have prepared the conditions for getting a new loan.

Your loan usage can be realized by starting a new debt restructuring process for the banks you have received a rejection response, by developing new strategies for your record and kkb score. In short, all your negative conditions are carefully examined by our financial experts, appropriate strategies are determined and suitable banks are determined in these conditions. You can get support from us that will allow you to use credit even in the most unfavorable conditions.

While supporting you

While supporting you

Your financial structure is evaluated, a credit strategy suitable for your financial structure is determined, your other financial alternatives are determined, as a result, your loan application file that will allow you to use your loan is prepared, and any loans that are not issued are issued. In addition, restructuring of unpaid credit or debt and lending process management supports are provided. In addition, requests such as file costs, notary costs, prepayment or paperwork costs, travel expenses or promissory notes are the requests that should not be requested by companies.

In order for us to assist you and your loans to be easily issued, you need to fill in the form on our site. Here, if you share information about your credit card usage and credit usage, your credit application number, whether you have legal follow-up, whether you have a payment delay for the last 6 months, your credit payment history and your documentable total income, you can support you to use your credit by determining strategies appropriate for your financial situation. We will be.


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